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Here at Bluebell Automotive, we have been providing professional vehicle detailing services across Southampton and the surrounding areas for many years. Our vehicle detailing team is qualified, experienced and insured as well as being fully equipped with our own tools, machinery and products to provide a comprehensive vehicle detailing service across Southampton and beyond.

Using only the finest materials, techniques and our years of knowledge and expertise, we can restore your vehicle to beyond showroom condition. Quality and complete customer satisfaction are our main objectives, and with our high quality range of detailing services and treatments and our attention to detail, we can truly restore your pride and joy.

Vehicle Detailing Services

If your vehicle is in need of a thorough clean, but not too far gone, this service is perfect for you. Your interior will receive a deep vacuum (yes, even down the sides), matt wash, steering wheel and trim exfoliating deep clean. The exterior will be safe washed, alloys and arches cleaned, paintwork hand polished and then protected using high quality short term sealants, leaving your vehicle with a high gloss finish, and a long lasting glow, protected from the exterior environment for 2 months or so. Perfect to last until your next maintenance clean.
If your vehicle requires a show room reset, whatever condition it may be in then opt for our deep clean. No stains, spills, mud, dirt, or any other nasties can stand up to this service. The deep clean comes complete with a shampoo steam clean of all fabrics, toothpick detail, wet vacuum and leather /trim deep clean and conditioning. The exterior is carefully safe washed and will undergo a 3-stage decontamination, including iron fallout removal, tar and glue removal and soft grit clay baring. Once completed, the pristine clean finish will be sealed in and protected in our range of long term, high gloss coatings.
You may opt for our 9-12 month wax coating which comes as complimentary, or upgrade and go for our 1 year ceramic coating. Both of which are a great medium/long term options to keep your vehicle shining for longer.
Looking to put your vehicle up for sale and want to get top dollar for it? Our Pre-sale prep package is designed to insure this! It includes everything in our deep clean package above, with the addition of specific details specially added in to please prospective buyers. We include an engine bay detail because even though not many people have a clue what they’re looking at, they always want to pop the bonnet. We add in an exhaust tip and metal polish for the extra shine and to really bring out the details, and lastly we apply a different type of hand polish. The product we use for this service, is specifically designed to enhance a vehicles gloss/shine for a short-term mirror finish, whilst also embedding its oils into top layer defects such as swirls to make for a flawless finish. Exactly what you need before you get those pre-sale pictures for your advert, and perfect for vehicle viewings.
Need one but not the other? NO PROBLEM. We offer either our interior or exterior deep clean, or pre-sale prep interior or exterior as stand alone services. Benefit from the same level of service, tailored exactly how you want it for a cheaper price.

We love dogs (and other animals alike! But mainly dogs), they’re FANTASTIC. So much so that the founders of this very detailing business named it after they’re dog, Bluebell – True story! But we all know dogs and pets can be messy. Pet hairs have their way of finding themselves ingrained in vehicles, into places you would have never even known to have existed.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for pet hair removal. The more the hair sheds, the longer it is left, the harder and more time consuming it is to remove – we tell you this from years of experience and probably a tonne of pet hairs removed from many a vehicle.

Likewise, if you’ve had a great day out at the beach and accidently brought half the beach home with you, we can help! However, just like pet hair, sand is HARD and time consuming to remove. There are no special effects or magic machines that remove grains of sand from your fabrics, unfortunately there is no substitute to a good few hours of elbow grease and experience.


We like people who like to take PROPER care of their cars! For this very reason, we provide an exclusive maintenance service for our valued clients. If you are part of our maintenance scheme you will receive a minimum of 12 maintenance cleans per year (once monthly minimum and can be more if requested). For your commitment to this minimum once monthly service, we offer it to you for a discounted price.

It is only available to customers of ours who’ve received either our deep clean or any of our paint correction packages. The idea is that we will MAINTAIN the condition that we left your vehicle/s in after it received any of our more extensive detailing services, every month, so the pristine finish we achieved the first time around, lasts you the entire year.

Exceptions for acceptance onto this service are only made for specific cases, ie classic vehicles, show vehicles, track vehicles, luxury/ performance vehicles etc.


We’ve all been there. You were aiming to park nice and close to the kerb but then you heard it… The painful sound of scraping and scratching against the concrete. Ouch! But don’t worry. It happens to the best drivers, and we’ve got you covered with WHEELUV Alloy Protectors.

We are trained installers of WHEELUV alloy protectors, which are injection moulded alloy guards that fit discreetly to the face of your alloys. They are designed to take the impact of any kind of kerb damage, with the product being made from the same types of polymers used on train buffers- seriously strong stuff!

They can be installed mobile, all in under an hour and all in at a great price.

Vehicle Detailing Extras

Orange tick icon Wax Coatings
Orange tick icon Nano Glazes
Orange tick icon De-Badging
Orange tick icon Ceramic Coatings
Orange tick icon Stone Chip/scratch touch ups
Orange tick icon Leather Steam Cleaning
Orange tick icon Leather Conditioning
Orange tick icon Engine Bay Details
Orange tick icon Fabric Wet Vaccuming
Orange tick icon Odour Treatments
Orange tick icon Leather and fabric guards and sealants
Orange tick icon Full exterior decontamination
Orange tick icon Exhaust Tips Polished
Orange tick icon Ceramic Alloy Protection

Exterior Car Detailing

Some benefits of professional exterior detailing from Bluebell include:

  • Added paintwork protection from rain, dirt and fallout
  • Restores paintwork condition
  • Raises the resale value of the car

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Interior Car Detailing

Some benefits of professional interior detailing from Bluebell include:

  • It raises the resale value of the car
  • It restores cabin comfort and improves the overall driving experience
  • Removes all traces of dirt, debris and grime

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Our premium brands that enhance the look of your vehicle

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