Southampton user review

Very professional company, best valet I’ve ever had on my car by far, would 100% recommend and will definitely be using them again

Southampton user review

Great work, professional, superb attention to detail, happy to recommend, thank you.

Southampton user review

Very professional and friendly service. They did an amazing job on our car. The car now looks brand new.


Premium Mobile Automotive Detailing Company Southampton

Here at Bluebell Valeting, we have been providing professional mobile car detailing services across Southampton and the surrounding areas for many years. Our mobile car detailing team is qualified, experienced and insured as well as being fully equipped with our own tools, machinery and products to provide a comprehensive mobile automotive detailing service across Southampton and beyond.

Using only the finest materials, techniques and our years of knowledge and expertise, we can restore your vehicle to beyond showroom condition. Quality and complete customer satisfaction are our main objectives, and with our high quality range of detailing services and treatments and our attention to detail, we can truly restore your pride and joy.

Full Detail
Our full detail service starts from only £150

This is the ultimate detailed, deep cleaning service where every inch of the vehicle is cleaned, sanitized and delicately restored. Following on from our 3 bucket safe wash which is described in our full valet, your vehicle will receive a further full decontamination (Iron, Tar, Resin removal and Clay bar). Additionally, arches and barrels are fully flushed, all plastic trims dressed and restored, glass polished and left in pristine transparency. Exhaust tips are also polished to leave them with a sparkling like new look. The Engine bay is thoroughly detailed, getting rid of any grease, grime and other built up contaminants, then is dressed giving it that fresh out the showroom look. To top it all off, the vehicle is treated to the highest quality wax coating chosen based on your cars colour and condition. This wax coating offers extreme hydrophobic and protective properties, making maintenance super easy, leaving a long lasting deep gloss shine.

Moving inside, the vehicle will receive the deepest level of clean possible. All interior surfaces and touch points will be fully steamed to sanitize and loosen dried on dirt and oily substances. After this we wash, shampoo and vacuum your entire upholstery including carpets and mats. All surfaces, nooks and cranny’s, are blown out with the use of compressed air, removing all embedded dirt, sand, grit, pet hair and other contaminants, a lot which aren’t even visible to the naked eye. Leather seats and trims are conditioned to nourish and revitalize, keeping the delicate surfaces souple and flexible, to avoid future damage, adding a layer of protection. Trims are dressed in high quality synthetic resin and coated for lasting durability. Vents and AC system are flushed and sanitized with the use steam and compressed air providing you the highest level of hygienic air flow for your car. If possible, the mats will be stripped and fashioned with a bespoke design to match your interior.

Paint Correction & Protection

Single Stage Enhancement
1 day service, aiming to achieve a 60% -70% overall improvement Our single stage enhancement is a one day , car spa service. We fully safe wash, decontaminate all surfaces ready for machine polishing. We then use a one stage polishing technique to lift off surface swirling, light scratches, defects and paint work oxidation. Our single stage service is perfect for those that don’t want to spend too much, but want to have there paintwork seriously boosted. This service comes with complimentary interior detail and a 1 year wax coating, leaving the car with an incredible high gloss finish, and a fresh factory feel finished interior. You wouldn’t believe we can make magic happen like this in just one day!
Minor Correction
2-3 day service- aiming at 80% overall improvement With a minor correction, we aim to lift surface defects, all swirling, light and medium depth scratches, surface oxidation and defects. We use our 2 stage machine polishing techniques to cut through your clear coat, and then really refine back the clarity and gloss of your paintwork. We also have the time to be able to use wet sanding techniques where required to remove particular scratches or scuffs where necessary. Again, this service comes with a complementary interior detail and 1 year wax protection.
Full Correction
4-6 day service, looking at 90%-95% improvement This service is perfect for those who perhaps have project cars, classic cars, show cars or even just a much loved vehicle that needs a real bit of attention. With this service we take time to achieve a near perfectly cut and refined finish on absolutely all painted surfaces of the vehicle. Also restoring headlights and all faded material on the vehicle to near perfect. Removing all scratches and defects on the vehicle, and producing an pristine high gloss, high clarity finish. No stone is left unturned, and we use a full array of polishing and wet sanding techniques to achieve this. All metal and glass parts of the vehicle are deep cleaned and polished. All trims are treated and bought back to a factory finish. This service comes with a complementary interior detail and 4 year ceramic coating, to seal in the perfect results.
Protective Coating Upgrades

Polymer Protection £100
2 YEAR NANO GLAZE PTFE/ACRYLIC SEALANT locks out harmful atmospheric degradation, given proven protection against the harshest of climets and guaranteed for two years.

4 Year Ceramic Protection £150
the ultimate long term protective coating. Our flagship cermaic product creates a high-grade QUARTZ permanent bond coating, giving you extreme gloss, easy maintenance, multi surface protection which your vehicle needs. It protects your surfaces from UV Rays, oxidation, corrosion, chemical damage, harsh weather and has 9H scratch resistance.

ZC-Boosta Program

When we apply either our 2 year nano glaze, or 4 year protection, you are able to extend these coatings lifespan to 6 or 10 years of manufacturer guaranteed coatings, respectively. We simply apply top coating of ZC-Boosta every 12 months to ensure your manufactuer held guarantee is kept valid. Zirconite UK will prompt you every 11 months to arrange a top up application with us, so everything is taken care of

Detailing & Paint Correction Extras

Orange tick icon Wax Coatings
Orange tick icon Nano Glazes
Orange tick icon De-Badging
Orange tick icon Ceramic Coatings
Orange tick icon Stone Chip/scratch touch ups
Orange tick icon Leather Steam Cleaning
Orange tick icon Leather Conditioning
Orange tick icon Engine Bay Details
Orange tick icon Fabric Wet Vaccuming
Orange tick icon Odour Treatments
Orange tick icon Leather and fabric guards and sealants
Orange tick icon Full exterior decontamination
Orange tick icon Exhaust Tips Polished
Orange tick icon Ceramic Alloy Protection
Mobile Car Detailing Southampton

Exterior Car Detailing

Exterior detailing begins with a comprehensive cleaning of the car’s body, wheels, mirrors, windows and external lamps. Automotive clay bar is then used to remove tightly bound dirt and residue that regular detergents cannot remove. The paint is then polished to restore the colour to its original shine and then waxed to give it a protective sealant and maintain the glossy look. In short, the complete vehicle is cleaned, paintwork de-contaminated and sealed.

Some benefits of professional exterior detailing from Bluebell include:

  • Added paintwork protection from rain, dirt and fallout
  • Restores paintwork condition
  • Raises the resale value of the car

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Interior Car Detailing

Interior detailing is designed to deep clean and protect the interior of your vehicle. The whole interior is fully vacuumed, upholstery and leather deep cleaned and carefully conditioned and all plastic, wood, chrome and other surfaces are cleaned, polished and protected ensuring the inside of your car looks and feels as great as the outside. Hard to reach areas like air vents and button trims are cleaned using specialised brushes and solvents. Finally, the entire cabin is re-vacuumed and wiped to remove any last traces of dust, cloth fibre and splashes.

Some benefits of professional interior detailing from Bluebell include:

  • It raises the resale value of the car
  • It restores cabin comfort and improves the overall driving experience
  • Removes all traces of dirt, debris and grime

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Mobile Car Detailing Company

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