Hythe Hampshire user review

Very professional company, best valet I’ve ever had on my car by far, would 100% recommend and will definitely be using them again

Hythe Hampshire user review

Great work, professional, superb attention to detail, happy to recommend, thank you.

Hythe Hampshire user review

Very professional and friendly service. They did an amazing job on our car. The car now looks brand new.


Premium Paint Correction Company in Hythe Hampshire

Here at Bluebell Automotive, we are proud to say that we are paint correction specialists. Of course, we provide the highest possible quality services across the board, however, paint correction is simply what we do best.

What is paint correction? Paint correction is the process of restoring a vehicle's paintwork to perfect or near-perfect standards. We return a vehicle's paint complexion to the way it was intended and then some!

You’ll have noticed vehicles more often than not are littered with thousands of scratches, swirls and other horrific defects, quite often intensely visible in the sun or bright lighting.  These actually should not be there, and are predominantly induced by poor maintenance in the form of hand car washes, or those ghastly automated scratch-wash machines, sorry! I mean automated CAR-wash machines.

Luckily, there is a way to return vehicles to their once former glories, and that is through a process called paint correction.  Or more specifically, machine polishing.

We offer different types of paint correction packages to suit every car owner's requirements and budget.

Before we get started with packages, it must be mentioned that in simple terms, the longer we have the pleasure of working on your vehicle, the better and more in-depth the results will likely be.  We strive for perfection, and on some vehicles, this can be achieved in a day, and on some, it can take a bit longer.  That being said, leaving your vehicle with us for any length of time, you can always expect WOW results, so fear not if you aren’t planning a long-term stay for your vehicle.

Paint Correction & Protection in Hythe Hampshire SO45

Single stage – half day/ 2/4 DAY – 60% paintwork improvement
After a wash down, thorough paint work decontamination and prep work we are ready for a single stage machine polish. Single stage, or otherwise known as gloss enhancement paint correction involves simply, a one step polishing technique aimed solely at lifting light/medium surface defects, improving drastically the overall gloss and depth of the paintwork. If you’re looking for a quick glow up, within a budget, this is most certainly the one for you. As with all our paint correction packages, this service comes with a wax coating which will further improve the finish, but will also offer some long term protection to lock in the finish.
Multi stage 1 full day – 70-80% paintwork improvements
Again, your vehicle is washed, decontaminated and prepped ready for machine polishing. The difference in this service to our single stage service, is that due to the luxury of having more time, in this instance a full day as opposed to just half a day, we are able to ‘cut’ and ‘refine’ your paint. This essentially means, we’re able to use 2/3 stage machine polishing techniques (depending on vehicle) to really cut back your defects such as scratches and swirls. In other words, we are able to lift more scratches and deeper defects. Cutting stages can be really aggressive on paintwork, and doesn’t really leave your paintwork looking great, which is why we include a ’refining’ stage. This stage allows us to really bring back the shine! Imagine cutting a jewel down to size, then polishing it real good for that ultimate sparkle. That is what we do here! To finish off, as always, we protect the finish with our signature long term wax coating.
Multi stage 2/3 day
Now we get into real in-depth machine polishing territory. Don’t be alarmed, the honest truth is that some vehicles just cannot be made ‘perfect’ or achieve near perfection in a day alone, no matter how hard you try! Some vehicles may be heavily contaminated, or have very deep defects, may be old and need extra care, or may simply be too big to get done in a small amount of time. This is why we have our 2/3 day multi stage machine polishing detail. Decontamination wise, we are able to spend more time removing contaminants which may have embedded on your vehicle. Polishing wise, we are able to really hone down on achieving perfection. We can introduce 2/3/4 stage machine polishing and even wet sanding where required. Simply put, adding in additional stages, means a higher level of cutting, meaning we are better able to go for and to achieve that FLAWLESS FINISH. As per usual, we will always throw in a complimentary protective coating in the form of a long term wax. However, it must be said, that when we get into the realm of perfect paint, more sturdy protection upgrades should be strongly considered. This is in every effort to really lock in and protect the results we are able to achieve. Our flagship 4 year ceramic coating is the perfect option. More information regarding our coating upgrade can be found by clicking here!
Scratch removal
We offer a paintless scratch and scuff removal/reduction service. The cheaper, quicker alternative to costly resprays. If you have noticed any of these anywhere on your paintwork, no matter the length and size, we can help! Our technical skills with machine polishers and clear coat wet sanding can allow us to remove or at very minimum reduce significantly the visibility of scratches and scuffs. Scratches unfortunately cannot be removed if they have fully penetrated the paintwork and have gone through to the metal or primer layers. In such instances we are only able to reduce their prominence and visibility.

Detailing & Paint Correction Extras Hythe Hampshire

Orange tick icon Wax Coatings
Orange tick icon Nano Glazes
Orange tick icon De-Badging
Orange tick icon Ceramic Coatings
Orange tick icon Stone Chip/scratch touch ups
Orange tick icon Leather Steam Cleaning
Orange tick icon Leather Conditioning
Orange tick icon Engine Bay Details
Orange tick icon Fabric Wet Vaccuming
Orange tick icon Odour Treatments
Orange tick icon Leather and fabric guards and sealants
Orange tick icon Full exterior decontamination
Orange tick icon Exhaust Tips Polished
Orange tick icon Ceramic Alloy Protection

Our premium brands that enhance the look of your vehicle

WheelUV Detailing Hythe Hampshire
Zirconite Detailing Hythe Hampshire
Vertool Detailing Hythe Hampshire
3M Car Detailing Hythe Hampshire
Carpro Products Detailing Hythe Hampshire
Flex Car Detailing Hythe Hampshire
Koch Chemie Detailing Hythe Hampshire
Auto Finesse Car Detailing Hythe Hampshire
ZVIZZER Detailing Hythe Hampshire
GTECHNIQ Detailing Hythe Hampshire
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