Colden Common user review

Very professional company, best valet I’ve ever had on my car by far, would 100% recommend and will definitely be using them again

Colden Common user review

Great work, professional, superb attention to detail, happy to recommend, thank you.

Colden Common user review

Very professional and friendly service. They did an amazing job on our car. The car now looks brand new.


Premium Protective Coatings Company Colden Common

In detailing terms, what is a protective coating and why do we need them?

There are many different types of products we apply to vehicles in order to protect either interior or exterior elements of vehicles. What a coating will do is provide the surface it is being applied on, a certain level of protection from exterior elements, wear and tear, environmental factors etc – we apply specific coatings for various protection requirements.

Full Valet Service
Full exterior multistage safe wash including wheels, alloys and barrels, wheel arches, door shuts and seals. We use a safe wash procedure to ensure that the upmost care is taken when cleaning the exterior of your vehicle. Using specifically diluted ratios of products, bespoke for every vehicle we carry out a 3 bucket safe wash to safely and efficiently remove all dirt, road grime, bug splats, bird lime, salt, grit and brake dust. Once complete, every vehicle is blow dried, to minimise contact and potential surface marring, leaving it free of water dropping or spotting after service. This is then topped off with our ultimate hydrophobic sealant, offering outstanding temporary protection and high gloss, perfect to last you until your next service with us. Hopping inside we thoroughly vacuum and clean the carpets, mats and roof lining. All leathers are carefully cleaned restoring them to an oil and dirt free soft matte surface. Interior plastics, chrome and wood trims are delicately cleaned and left in a factory-like, streak free finish.
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The number 1 area on a vehicle to ensure you’ve had protection is of course- the exterior paintwork! The painted part of a vehicle's exterior makes up the overall look of the car, it is the most exposed to the environment and is the part of the vehicle that is susceptible to the most possible damage.

Poor maintenance techniques, dings and scuffs, accidental brushes, keys, stones, tree branches etc can all lead to swirls and scratches to the paintwork, as well as the natural effects of harsh weather. Elements such as the sun with UV rays, rain/snow/ acid & Saharan rainfall, grit, dirt, mud, tar etc all contribute to the damaging effects the weather and environment can have on unprotected vehicles.

All of the above can leave your vehicle looking faded, hazed, scratched, ‘cobwebby’ or swirled, which is not what you want for your car.  Not only does it make your vehicle look bad, but it decreases its value!

This is why we professionally apply products to stop the above from happening! On top of that, these products will make future maintenance a breeze, making your car stay sexier, for longer!

Exterior coatings aren’t simply limited to just paintwork, in fact, we also offer protective coatings for exterior glass and alloys.

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4 year - Paintwork
Our number 1 and strongest product we apply is a CERAMIC COATING. We offer our flagship product , ZQ9H, which is made and produced in Britain by a company called Zirconite UK. It is a 4-year product which creates a high-grade QUARTZ permanent bond coating, giving you extreme gloss, and extreme water repellency. Your car benefits from easy maintenance and surface protection from factors such as UV Rays, oxidation, corrosion, chemical damage, bird droppings, harsh weather and has a 9H scratch resistance.
1 year top up – Paintwork
We offer a secondary top up ceramic coating. It is called ZC-Boosta and is also made and manufactured in the UK by Zirconite UK. It is predominantly used as topper product, recommended to be used as a layered coating, typically applied yearly to a vehicle which already has had ZQ9H (or any other coating) applied to it. It offers the same level of protection as above, however is made to only last 12 months rather than 3 years.
1 year wax – Paintwork
Before ceramics, there was wax, but wax indeed is not dead! For a more budget friendly option we offer wax coatings which can last up to 12 months providing they are maintained correctly. We use an array of products to suit each individual vehicles requirements and products are selected to perfectly match a vehicles colour, age, defect levels etc. Wax coatings provide extreme high gloss finishes, protection from the elements for your paintwork and can go some way to disguising light surface defects such as scratches and swirls. The only downfall of wax’s is that harsh chemicals, such as those used by carwashes, which can unfortunately strip them fairly easily. However, if maintained well, your car can withstand the impact of all 4 seasons!
6 months - Alloys
Alloys are also key areas which take high impact from exterior elements, and can be extremely damaged by general vehicle usage ie, braking and accelerating. ZQ5 provides extreme protection for hard working wheels it chemically bonds to wheel surfaces to ensure ultimate durability. It also withstands high temperatures and harsh chemicals, making it an ideal solution for hard-working wheels. This product is made with surface technology which provides excellent brake dust, stain and contaminant resistance, making surfaces much easier to clean and maintain.
6 months – Glass
When it comes to glass protection, we move more into the realm of driver safety above all else. We offer glass coatings with long lasting durability. The key element of these coatings is repellence. Application of glass coatings makes it harder for external elements such as rain, snow, dust, mud, bird droppings etc to stick to its surface. Meaning when driving in wet weathers, your windscreen and overall glass will bead away water at as little a speed as 30MPH, keeping your vision clear, and in some instances without even the need for windscreen wipers. When driving in drier weather, a simple squirt and wipe with your wiper blades, will easiily and quickly keep your glass cleaner for longer.


Interiors have feelings too! It is true that exteriors take most of the aggressive impact of driving, however, interiors are also susceptible to damage.  You’ll be glad to know that most of your interior can be protected beforehand!  We provide protective coatings for your interior fabrics, leathers and high gloss trim areas (central console etc).

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    1-2 years - Leather
    Every single time you get in your vehicle and carry passengers, pets or luggage, leather seats take the impact. This impact can cause wear and tear, grease, dirt, mud and oils to build up along with colour transfer from clothing. Leathers and seats in general can also become damaged from everyday spills, the suns UV rays and chemicals during cleaning, which can cause long staining and colour fading. We provide and apply coatings to protect against all of the above by creating a hydrophobic (water repellent), a long lasting, super durable top layer on your leathers. We apply this with full coverage on all leathers, which provides a 1-2 year durability, of course with the life span of the product dependant on usage and maintenance.
    Lets face it, interior fabrics aren’t great, and don’t really tend to stay clean for very long periods of time. Especially as mentioned above, if your usage and impact on them is high, chances are they will become stained or dirty, fairly quickly. I mean, we’ve all spilt something whilst being inside a vehicle before, and the effects don’t take long to notice. To prevent long term staining and give fabrics a general good layer of protection, we can coat fabrics in our hydrophobic coating. This product will create a chemically bonded water resistant (therefore stain resistance) layer on the top of the surface, making any spills just sit above the surface, instead of being absorbed in.
    High gloss interior
    Any painted areas within your vehicle are susceptible to damage, much like the exterior of your car. Interior paintwork is typically applied to high touch areas such as centre consoles, door handle surrounds, media centres and steering wheels. The paint used generally is made of a very soft, very thin layer of high gloss paint. These areas can become damaged and super scratched very easily from even the slightest of touches. As you can imagine this would take away from the interior appeal of the vehicle, and naturally decrease the value of the car. These areas can be protected with a ceramic coating. This product can offer much needed protection for as long as 2 years, with a Quartz bonded 9H coating.

    Our premium brands that enhance the look of your vehicle

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